Installation guide

To install this package, use the following commands:

# From CRAN - Official release:

# From GitHub - Latest stable development version:
if(!requireNamespace("devtools", quietly = TRUE)){
  install.packages("devtools") # If not installed.

devtools::install_github("enblacar/SCpubr", ref = "v2.0.0-dev-stable")

Note that additional packages may be required to run certain functions. You can get a full overview of them using SCpubr::package_report().

SCpubr::package_report(startup = TRUE,
                       extended = TRUE)

This summary will provide you with the information you need to run the package:

Note that some packages, such as Seurat, ggplot2, or dplyr, require a minimum version. If your installed version is not high enough, these packages will be marked with an exclamation mark.